Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Decor 2017

I can't believe I got my Christmas decor out before December! I'm ahead of the game this year, even though I'm just now getting around to sharing it on here. :) 

I only put up one tree this year, instead of four and it feels so good to simplify! In fact, I didn't even put up the one tree, the boys did it all while I sipped coffee and watched. ;)

I went very minimal in the kitchen. One little wreath, some ribbon on my canisters, a cute little mug with candy canes and a snowman plate. 

Oh, and these red and green Lofthouse cookies, if they count. I'm sure they'll be purchased many more times this month. :) 

I kinda think my red mixer and greenery ball count too... 

Same thing in the dining room. Very minimal with a dough bowl filled with ornaments and our lighted houses. 

I even tried to get away with not putting out these houses, but my kids complained. It only took me 17 minutes though. Yes...I timed myself. Lol! 

I finally learned to use matte or sparkly ornaments so my reflection doesn't show in the pics. 

I spy Holly eating a snack. :) 

I even skipped putting wreaths on the backs of my chairs this year. 

I finally gave in and bought one of these cute snowbirds at Target...

This christmas tree with the jingle bells usually resides on an end table, but...#kitten. 

The "It's the most wonderful time of the year" sign is still a favorite of mine. Y'all probably remember it was a gift bag from the dollar spot. I just cut off the front and taped it on top of the glass in a frame.

Holly trying to decide if her vertical leap is going to be big enough to reach the top of the armoire. Spoiler wasn't. 

And here she is investigating the shelves. I thought about retaking these pics, but I think it's kind of funny how Holly photo bombed so many. :) 

 I took these pics before I made my DIY Christmas Tree Collar.  

Again with Holly trying to get inside the armoire. Wasn't there a similar pic of her doing this in my fall decor post? Those doors are usually open because our tv is in there. I guess when they're closed, she gets curious and wants to know why. 

And now Finn wants in on the action...

This is our family tree, the only one I put up this year. It's not fancy, but it's filled with all the ornaments my boys made when they were little, so it holds sentimental value. Although...I do think I need to add some bows next year. I'll look for some at the after Christmas sales. This tree also holds all our yearly ornaments. We use clear plastic ornaments and fill them with something significant that happened that year. We've been doing this for 27 years, since we got married. Some years represent vacations, new pets, new houses, etc. Last year was Dylan's College Graduation and his New Truck .

There's a pic of his truck on the other side. 

As you can see above, some years we could only find the clear ornaments with holes in them for potpourri. When we do find the ones below (without holes) we stock up. These ornaments come apart so you can fill them. I usually put a little batting inside to hold the things in place. Then I snap it back together and tie a ribbon through the hole for hanging and write the year on top with a paint pen. I bought a ton of that ribbon so they'd all match through the years. 

This year was Logan's High School Graduation , his SXSW Movie Premiere and the addition of Finn.

On the other side, there's a pic from his graduation and another one of Finn.

I spy a little sleepy Finn under the tree...

One more of baby Finn...

Do y'all like how I hide the cat tree behind the couch? I bet you didn't even know that was there. I'm sneaky like that. :) 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I wish you all a very merry holiday season!


Monday, December 11, 2017

We Had Snow!!!

Y'all...we had snow!!! In HOUSTON!!! We rarely get snow, so I had to document it here. The forecast was for maybe a few flurries, and we got a lot more than that. :) 

Now some of you will think it's silly to get so excited about snow, but we only get it every 10 years or so, and it's usually just a dusting. So needless to say, this was a big deal! It's funny because it was 80 degrees two days before this...

Isn't it beautiful?

Love my little snow covered bridge. :) 

texas snow 2017

It snowed Thursday night and into Friday and this snowman was still hanging on until late yesterday! 

These pansies are still doing great after being covered with snow. 

A winter wonderland! It was so neat to see this much snow here in Texas. Have you gotten snow yet?

It sure has been an eventful year with the hurricane, the world series and now snow! 


Saturday, December 9, 2017

DIY Christmas Tree Collar ~ For Free!

I've had the same Christmas tree skirt since before my boys were born. We picked it up at Kroger while standing in the check out line. It was a last minute purchase, as we realized we didn't have a tree skirt. And it matched my decor perfectly, which was burgundy and hunter green. Hey it was the 90's, okay? :) 

So after using that skirt for over 23 years, I started craving something new. I liked the clean look of tree collars, so I decided to go in that direction. As I looked online, I noticed most were around $60. I did find a few that were cheaper, but I didn't like the designs. 

I had an idea to make my own using cardboard and wrapping paper. Here's a peek at my DIY Christmas tree collar...

It turned out exactly like I envisioned! 

So the first step was to find a cardboard box that was the right size. We actually had this one in the garage that worked perfectly. Here's what the box looked like before I customized it to fit my needs...

I just cut off the end flaps. It was now the perfect size of 13" tall by 51" long. 

I always use Hobby Lobby heavy duty wrapping paper because it holds up so well and doesn't tear easily. I also love the grid lines on the back for cutting straight lines. And it's always half off in December. 

I simply cut a strip of paper to the size I needed and taped each end to the cardboard...

Here's the finished product...

It's very basic, but did the job well. And here it is under my tree...

For comparison, my tree is 7 1/2 feet tall and this size (13 by 51 inches) covered the tree base pretty well. You can just run the light cord under the collar or leave an opening in the back.

I tried all different papers, but liked how the red stood out the best.

This green was pretty, but I thought it was too much green with the tree...

I really thought I'd love this paper that looks like burlap, but it blended right in with my carpet and made it look like the tree was floating. Keep the color of your flooring in mind when choosing the paper. 

This polka dot paper was my second favorite...

So there you go, a DIY Christmas tree collar for little to no money. Have you done any DIY projects lately? 

I'll be sharing my Christmas Home Tour soon, so be sure to check back. 

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